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Department of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the merger of the life sciences and Engineering leading to the development of novel or existing materials merely by biological agents to cater needs of mankind in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, forestry, horticulture, livestock, health, medicine and environment. Moreover, the solutions provided by innovative means of biotechnology are financially viable and thereof desirable in industrial sector. The success of Genome projects in 2000 unraveled Human genome, which is indeed a mammoth help in the field of biotechnology. During the last two decades, unprecedented progress in biotechnology has revolutionized agriculture, as varieties of crops are now available throughout the year with immense increase in yields; similarly, in livestock, production of new transgenic animals which is answer to our future to our future needs of protein, dairy products etc. In pharmaceutical industry genetic based diagnostic assays approach is employed to target new safe drugs targets to cop cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus and various cancers.


BS Biotechnology (04-Year, 08 Semesters)