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Department of Fashion, Art & Design

The Department of Fashion Art and Design Believes in novelties and innovations. The art work presented in Fine Arts, Textile Design, Print Making, Miniature, Painting and other related fields witnesses our dedication and excellence in these areas. We aim at making a new chapter in the history of Art. Department of Fine Arts is one of the leading departments in the university as it is producing latest researches, art works and creative ideas & Displays. Our academic and professional journey will lead the department to high level. The Department of Fine Arts at the Government Sadiq College Women University is offering various specializations in Fine Arts and Design to develop creative abilities and skills of each individual student as an artist and designer. We are offering BFA 4-year program with specialized art and design courses ranging from foundation to BFA & B. Design in Fine Arts. The Department of Fine Arts provides Excellent Learning opportunities through the provision of dedicated specialized programs of BFA in painting, Miniature and textile Design. The Department of Fine Arts encourages seeking education and working experience opportunities for the students either through contact with local community professional companies or other institution and business organizations. The Department organizes a number of creative and craft events and competitions among Students who also participate in different art related competitions inside and outside the university and always achieve distinction.


BFA (04-Year, 08 Semesters)

Ms. Najia Sarwar
Ms. Areeba Khan
Ms. Samreen Sajid