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Career Counseling Center


Career Counseling Center (CCC) has been functional in the Govt Sadiq College Women University (GSCWU) Bahawalpur since October 2016. Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) has funded this career counseling Center for filling the gap between academia and industry and to better prepare graduates for public/private sector employment.

Why are we unique

Career Counseling Center of Govt Sadiq College Women University (GSCWU) Bahawalpur provides absolutely free service to all the students associated within the campus. The trained staff of CCC develops mutual relationships with the students, focuses on utilizing the students' strengths and resources to make important career decisions and manages career related issues. The CCC office uses a collection of diverse methods and techniques to help the students make an informed decision on career choice.


  • To Develop a career path based on skills and interest of students
  • To Gather all the available educational as well as occupational information to aid in developing this path
  • To select appropriate academic programs and other opportunities those maximize future educational and career options
  • To Prepare to find an internship or occupation after college by developing job search and presentation skills
  • To Establish of networks with alumni, employers, organizations, and other groups that offer potential professional opportunities.
  • To Utilize technology to enhance career development by making them aware of online job portals
  • To Enhance professional communication skills for students and young faculty
  • To Find employment or a graduate opportunity that fits to their goals
  • To Prepare to manage their careers after the completion of university education
  • To arrange education as well as job fairs to create industry academia linkages