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Department of Education

Department of education and training is providing productive education and highly sophisticated and rewarding professional training to its graduates. The department provides excellent training opportunities for the pre service teachers. It has all the modern techniques to train the trainee of the future. It offers these programs are to develop a sense of commitment toward educational, cultural, economic, environmental health and social advancement of the region and to provide quality education in all fields of study. We aim to produce future leaders to serve the needs of the country by providing production and highly sophisticated professional training to our graduates. A quality education is custom design that addresses the unique abilities of each student and has a positive emotional experience.


B.Ed (1.5-Year, 03 Semesters)

BS Education (04-Year, 08 Semesters)

BS Education (5th Semester) (02-Year, 04 Semesters)

MS Urdu (02-Year, 04 Semesters)

PhD Urdu (03-Year, 06 Semesters)

Dr. Shahnaz Perveen
Assistant Professor
Head of Department
Dr. Rabia Bahoo
Ms. Sualeha Zafar