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The Annual English Debate

Department of English


The Annual English Debate

 The English Debating Society of The Department of English organized an English debate on 28.02.2017. The topic for the debate was

Charms strike the sight but merit wins the soul

 Nine students from Intermediate, BS and M.A classes participated in the contest. The students raised very interesting points in favour of or against the topic. The judges were associate professor Mrs. Amina Rehman, assistant professor Mrs. Noor Fatima Shahid and assistant professor Mrs. Nazima Athar. According to the unanimous decision of the Judges, the following students were declared the winners.

              Yamama Khalid       BS English Semester viii         1st position

              Sajida Khan            BS CS Semester v                 2nd position

              Anam Rana             M.A. English Semester iv        3rd position

             Pashmaal Gill           M.A. English Semester iv        Consolation Prize    

             Mah Noor Masood     2nd Year                               Consolation Prize

At the end of the ceremony, the judges gave away the trophies and certificates to the students.